Apple Clears Over 45,000 Apps to Enhance Security of Its Devices

China is the global attraction for tech giants that want to make a mark in the global market. Be it computers, smartphones, or other areas; China has the right technology to lever growth and success. It is this reality that Apple has utilized to become the largest global brand in the smartphone world. 

Between June 13th and June 22nd of 2017, Apple removed a total of 45,362 apps from its store in Beijing in an effort to enhance the security of its devices. About 34.34% of the cleared apps were in gaming.

A cleanup targeting to enhance Apple’s stringent security measures 

The ASO 100 Beijing Business reported that Apple targeted at enhancing its strict security standards for all its products. For years, Apple devices and entire App ecosystem have won a lot of praise because of extra security. The removed apps failed to pass the security scrutiny of the company.

Once an original application has been engineered and approved by the Store, some experts have indicated that hot patching can still be used to embed malicious codes in a smartphone.

This is the technology that Apple wants to eliminate from its devices.

Apple already warned its iOS developers that it would do everything possible to protect users. Therefore, any software development kit, framework, or code that can change the functionality of Apple device had to be cleared. This demonstrates the far that the company is willing to go to maintain its reveled brand name globally.

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The clean up is not targeted at China only

For Apple, the objective of making top notch products is overboard. Here, the focus is not simply mopping up apps developed in China; buy every related framework that pose security threat to the user.

In the US, about 27,000 apps were also pulled from the App store. In light of recent security threats from ransomware, it evident that Apple is taking all measures to make sure that cyber criminals do not use any vulnerability in its system.

While the main focus of this discussion is the patching technologies, Apple has not banned their use. According to the Apple Development Program License Agreement section 3.3.2, only the hot patching that has the capability to alter the original code such as JSPatch and OC has been prohibited.

Many gaming applications in China use JavaScript that has not been prohibited by Apple. Apple further indicated that on top of clearing apps utilizing the prohibited hot patching, apps that have not been downloaded for a long period or cannot support the IPv6-only Network technology had to be cleaned. They are outdated and cannot make the products from Apple more competitive in the market.

Why there is more to this cleanup ?

The process of developing apps is lengthy, complex, and very expensive. Between 2008 and 2016, Apple paid about $70 billion to its developers. This is a huge amount of money. Security experts are indeed reading more to the cleanup that simple elimination of prohibited hot patching designed apps.

Apple, like other tech giants, works with other stakeholders in the industry. These experts share security-related threats and can no doubt see what is coming. By working closely with other techs such as Microsoft, Google, and government agencies, Apple had to take this extreme measure to keep the company and its users safe. With this in mind, it is prudent to be extra careful with your smartphone at all times to stay safe.

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