Ultimate Guide: Company Formation in Macau

At the beginning, if the 20th century, the most preferred investment destination was Europe. The nations in Europe were experiencing rapid growth because of industrialization. However, things have changed ad Far East has become a unique attraction. One of these jurisdictions is Macau.

Though it is part of China, it operates as a Special Region which means it enjoys a great deal of autonomy. The Macau administration has taken this autonomy to create an investment paradise. As an island, Macau does not have natural resources or arable land. This leaves it with one option; operating a business economy. 

The most preferred business formation in Macau is a limited liability company. Because it separates the company from the investors, their limitation to the business is only limited to the shares they have. In this post, we provide you a complete guide for company formation in Macau.

The main requirements for company formation in Macau

The most important requirements for company formation in Macau include a company secretary. This is the person who ensures that the company operates on the right side of the law. The secretary must be a highly competent person and fully conversant with the Macau environment. Other crucial requirements include;

  • A formal application for company registration.
  • The names and addresses of directors.
  • The official location of the company offices.
  • The notary certificate of the company’s articles of association
  • The list of shareholders including copies of their passports
  • The board of directors’ acceptance letters detailing the terms of the contract.

The process of registering a company in Macau

The process of registering a company in Macau is highly simplified to attract more investors and encourage them to stay. The process can be broken into three key steps;

Name search and confirmation

Presentation of company article of association (60 days after the name search)

Collection and presentation of all the documents to the Companies registry for incorporation to commence.

Registering a company without traveling to Macau

For most investors, the process of incorporating a company in Macau is lengthy and herculean. This can be very challenging especially if investors are working on seeking additional funds for the new enterprise. The best alternative is seeking assistance from expert company incorporation agencies in Macau.

The agencies are experts and have huge experience in registering companies in Macau. Because they have been in the environment for long, they appreciate the shifting demands and will help you craft winning documents for faster application and approval.

Most agencies are designed to provide more company formation in Macau. They are run by experts who know more about the business operations, maintain latest data, and are committed to seeing you prosper faster. Therefore, they walk with you especially at the entry and early stages of operations until the company gets on its feet.

Remember that the agencies are also allowed to act as your company secretary and use their offices as the limited liability company address. This means that you not only cut cost by contracting the agencies, but they also serve as a subtle entry point for faster growth.