Why Select Hong Kong For your Offshore Business?

In 1800, the best place for business was in the UK. About 100 years later, the best place was New York. Since then, the global dynamics have changed dramatically and, the best place to base your business is in Asia. If you narrow down to specific jurisdictions, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia stand out.

The ease of doing business in these three countries is remarkable while their administrations are very supportive. To agree with business experts and investors in Asia, Hong Kong stands taller because of its unique location and independence.

Since the country was annexed from China in the 1840s by the British until 1997 when it regained sovereignty, a unique notion of independence was born.

Even though Hong Kong is part of China, it operates completely independent from the mainland. This means that it has its own administration, tax regime, and migration policies.

4 reasons why Hong Kong is the best for offshore business

  1. Hong Kong’s strategic location: Hong Kong is strategically located in the Asian peninsula to allow investors trade with both neighbors and other jurisdictions abroad.
  2. Highly supportive government: The Hong Kong administration always works hard to establish systems and frameworks for supporting businesses. As a business economy, no effort is spared in making Hong Kong a better place in the globe.
  3. Easy company formation: The process of incorporating a company in Hong Kong is very easy. You only need to prepare all the documents, carry name search, get a resident company secretary, and a local office. In fact, you can even incorporate a company using an agency without visiting Hong Kong.
  4. Flexible visa policies: To encourage people to come and invest, Hong Kong has diverse visas for visitors. In fact, you could even enter and stay in Hong Kong for 180 days visa free if you come from one of its friendly countries.

Hong Kong has remained the top investment and financial hub for businesses from all over the world. By taking your investment there, you will be putting it on a launching pad for faster growth to international status.

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